YouTube also requires a channel strategy!

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YouTube also requires a channel strategy!

Did you Just started your YouTube channel and feeling overwhelmed?



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YouTube also requires a channel strategy!

Videos are one of the most powerful forms of content that appeal to all age groups. 

As a result, the demand for YouTube is steadily increasing, as evidenced by its top-ranking position in global social media usage in 2023 (Source:

Particularly, Korea is one of the most passionate countries for YouTube worldwide. According to Adobe, as of August 2022, there are approximately 330 million creators globally, with 17.5 million of them active in Korea. This accounts for over 30% of the total population, making Koreans who use YouTube the third-highest proportion in the world.

Reference: Adobe “Future of Creativity” Study: 165M+ Creators Joined Creator Economy Since 2020

Considering this, today's post is brought to those who are just starting their YouTube channels, or those who are struggling with ideas for content. We'll provide a guide on how to plan and operate a YouTube channel with the help of vling.

1. Just started your YouTube channel and feeling overwhelmed?

To effectively operate a YouTube channel, 

it's essential to first set clear goals and define the identity of your channel. 


Whether your channel aims for profitability, growth through specific keywords, or simply brand promotion, having a sustainable goal is crucial. Without a clear goal, you might find yourself getting tired in the middle of production and giving up. 

Therefore, before starting your channel, 

think about the position you want to take, consider your strengths, and create content that aligns with your goals.

2. Plan your content according to your channel's goals

Once you've set your channel's goals and theme, your content should be planned accordingly. 

Consider what kind of content will capture the interest and attention of consumers based on your channel's goals. 

You can cover a wide range of topics, from sharing knowledge to humor and reviews. 

This step is always a constant consideration for YouTubers.

For those starting with little background knowledge or those struggling to grow their channels even with multiple videos, there are tools that can help with content creation. 

Today, vling has brought a content script creation tool that can be quite helpful for channel planning: the 'AI YouTube Content Maker.'

2-1. AI creating YouTube content for you?

For regular YouTube videos, search is almost essential for initial growth. 

To attract attention to your video before it becomes widely known, setting up keywords is crucial. 

However, finding the right keywords is not an easy task. 

vling's AI YouTube Content Maker makes keyword searching easier by providing insights into keyword competition and allowing creators to easily find references for content creation.

References: vling AI YouTube Content Maker

It first shows indicators to determine whether the searched keyword is competitive or not. 

Keywords with a low number of videos but high views can significantly contribute to channel growth!

💡For example

Creator A: I'm a fitness YouTuber, and I've always used the keyword 'diet,' but I always get overshadowed by other massive YouTubers. What keywords should I expand to create popular videos?

vling: A health YouTuber is struggling with competition using the keyword 'diet,' the AI YouTube Content Maker can be utilized. By searching for the keyword 'diet,' vling provides recommended search keywords that show more detailed and competitive keywords. 

Reference:vling recommend keyword

This tool is advantageous for finding competitive keywords and creating content that helps your video rise in search results and gain more views.

💡Here's a brief interruption

In vling's AI YouTube Content Maker, searching for channel keywords not only provides recommended algorithm-based videos but also shows related hashtags, content titles, and scenarios. 

By following vling's recommendations, creators can reduce the fatigue associated with the content planning stage, a common concern for many YouTubers.

Using vling's AI YouTube Content Maker to search for channel keywords and incorporating the recommended strategies can be a great help in planning your content. 

If you're curious about the detailed steps for using the AI YouTube Content Maker, check out vling guide.

Reference:vling AI YouTube Content Maker 'Diet Vlog' result

3. Establish a specific execution plan

After creating your content, it's important to outline a realistic timeline for uploading content. 

Planning a consistent upload schedule can be key to channel growth. 

Establishing a routine for your channel, uploading regularly, and interacting positively with viewers can build trust and engagement.

In summary, these are three ways to create a successful YouTube channel. Channel creation is equivalent to developing a YouTube strategy, and well-made content can have a tremendous marketing impact. 

This is a great opportunity to use vling's features to find keywords for your YouTube channel and quickly create competitive videos. vling supports the diverse ideas and creativity of creators, and we hope your content, filled with creativity, will be widely recognized by the world!

Thank you for your time, we will be back as soon as possible bringing good content