Why your YouTube campaign failed and how to correct it

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Why your YouTube campaign failed and how to correct it

What happens when your YouTube campaign fails, and how can you remedy such a situation? In this guide, we will answer this and other related questions.



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Online videos are proven to be a powerful tool, and the fact that billions of people globally watch them is a testament to this fact. Data shows that videos are so powerful and popular that they boost the click-through rate of emails by up to 300%.

 YouTube has proven to be the major platform for videos as it records billions of video views.Different people use YouTube for various purposes, from entertainment to sports and even business. But what happens when your YouTube campaign fails, and how can you remedy such a situation? In this guide, we will answer this and other related questions.

What causes YouTube influencer marketing to fail?

Here are a few reasons why your YouTube influencer marketing campaign may not be giving you the type of result you desire.

1. Incorrectly content creation brief

Every marketer's life would be easier if all influencers could clearly define the sponsorship idea of the brand, but more often than not, they can’t. So, your role is to help outline the task of the influencer as clearly as possible. Ideally, you should check in with the influencer to be sure they are clear on the details. Having good content supervision and requirements will relieve the stress of failed deadlines.

2. Absence of creative freedom

Influencers are loved because they deliver content in their unique style and touch. Therefore, if you prefer to dictate to the influencer what to say the way you want, it will negatively affect the audience. The audience quickly picks when content is being forced down their throat, and there is an absence of authenticity. Note that when your brand's message is organically integrated into its content style, the influencer’s fans will likely love your brand.It suffices to say that a marketing campaign that stifles influencers' creativity is more likely to fail. 

3. Inefficient management

Efficient management, a clear strategy, and effective scheduling are essential components of a successful YouTube influencer marketing campaign. Little factors such as missing links, misspelled hashtags, and other related slip-ups can negatively impact the campaign's outcome. The best way to ensure proper marketing campaign management is to communicate effectively between both parties. Poor communication between the brand and influencers ranks as one of the major causes of such brands being poorly showcased. 

4. Legal issues

Having well spelt out influencer agreement is critical to the success of any partnership between social media influencers and advertisers. Sometimes, brands fail to draft a statement and contract of service (SOW) designed to protect you from changes you didn’t consent to. A good contract helps both parties understand the desirable deliverables and ensures all parties play their part effectively.

Ideally, you should mention giveaways, bonuses, free products or referral commissions in the contract. But before you do any business with an influencer or influencer, you should consult the services of an influencer-marketing agency such as Vling. In summary, ensure that you observe all ethics, and the business should be as honest and transparent as possible.

5. FDA/FTC Non-compliance

When you don’t comply with FTC rules and regulations, you will have the government to contend with. Brands which fail to comply with FTC requirements are faced with the risk of getting into severe issues with marketing fails. One of the most frequently violated FTC requirements is on sponsorship disclosure.To be on the safe side, you should use hashtags such as#ador#sponsoredfor YouTube in addition to mentions.There are times when brands even fail to adhere to the SEC and FDA rules, which can be even more costly.

6.Lack of clarity in the message

YouTube is littered with content from influencers who simply failed to deliver the message clearly and understandably. The way a product is promoted or positioned may be viewed incorrectly by the target audience. If your audience views the marketing campaign's message the wrong way, you can be sure that your money will go down the drain. A thoughtful way to go about this would be to test your message on a focus group.

7. Failed promises

For many influencers, the most significant indicator of success for their marketing campaign is the number of engagements such campaigns get. Many of these influencers make promises they can’t keep, such as fake giveaways, to achieve impressive engagements. As a brand, ensure you evaluate your capability and clarify your limitations before beginning your YouTube influencer campaign.

8. Promoting malicious content

Not every brand out there operates with noble intentions. A careful look at some YouTube influencer marketing campaigns will show you that some brands use influencers to market things that aren’t ethical. There have been times when YouTube administrators were forced to delete thousands of videos which were perceived to promote academic cheating. 

Corrective secrets that will help you fix the marketing fail

Here are a few innovative strategies that could help you improve the fortunes of your YouTube marketing campaign:

✅ Make it experiential

One smart way to get your audience hooked is to take them on experiential journeys that can turn out to be the next big thing.For instance, you can take your audience on a tour of your facilities and show them the production process. Using an influencer to do this makes it even more interesting as you could like them to make live videos of your business space and process, giving the target audience a real-time feel of the brand.

✅ Make your content responsive and interactive

Beyond just speaking about your company in videos, the influencer should engage the audience to discover what they would like to hear or see. Getting feedback from the audience may give some unique ideas you probably would not have imagined. Such insights could tilt your marketing in an entirely different direction.

✅ Problem-solving

YouTube videos help clients resolve issues by giving “how-to” tutorials and examples. You should consider populating your YouTube channel with enough relevant content using the right hashtags for better reach and impact.

✅Proper SEO

YouTube marketing requires specific SEO steps for videos to be found in searches on search engines. You can adopt strategies like using keywords in the video title and file, keyword tags, and optimizing the keywords used in the video description and closed captions.

✅ Use some humor

Videos can be both tedious and effective at the same time. Viewing an adequately produced video may create a positive effect, but if it doesn’t quickly catch the viewer's attention, they tend to become bored quickly. A simple way to remedy such a situation is by creating an exciting series that focuses on specific topics. Also, make sure such videos are as short as possible as it has been proven that shorter videos create more prolonged effects mainly because most viewers have a short attention span.

Also, video content doesn’t always have to be dull. Ensure to add some humor and personality to your videos, as this can significantly improve the level of engagement of your posts.You could use cartoons or animations further to buttress your points clearly and concisely.

Benefits of using an youtuber marketing agency

Using youtuber marketing agencies is the easiest way to avoid making unnecessary mistakes in your marketing campaign.Such agencies usually have the requisite experience and expertise for maximizing such campaigns. Here are a few benefits of using agencies such as Vling:

✔️ It helps cut down on waste

Youtuber marketing can be demanding for small and inexperienced businesses because it usually involves developing marketing strategies and goals and measuring content success. Most small companies typically don’t have the luxury of time to build the influencer marketing team internally. Partnering with a competent agency means you can outsource such functions and processes. 

✔️ Access to established relationships and expertise

Youtuber marketing agencies have the core function of handling everything related to influencer marketing. By engaging the services of an Youtuber marketing agency, you will be taking advantage of their wealth of experience and network.Agencies are always updated about the latest trends and can closely monitor and evaluate the performance of a marketing campaign.

✔️ Ability to optimize and measure campaigns

One of the most important aspects of any YouTube marketing campaign is measuring critical metrics. The contents created, planned and posted on the influencers’ YouTube accounts should be closely monitored. In a situation where your brand is working with multiple influencers, you need to be able to measure which of the influencers give the best results. Using the services of Youtuber marketing agencies makes it possible to keep updated with the campaign's progress and manage it accordingly. 

Final thoughts

There are different reasons why a YouTube marketing campaign could fail, but the chief among them is poor management of such campaigns. Leveraging the expertise and experience of influencer marketing agencies such as Vlingmakes it possible to get the best out of such campaigns and minimize the possibility of failure.