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How to increase brand awareness by 300 percent using Influencers

A focused and growing business should have a solid and implementable marketing strategy.



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A focused and growing business should have a solid and implementable marketing strategy. Creating and scaling brand awareness marks a critical step in your sales funnel. Without the right level of brand awareness, you will struggle to get fresh leads and sales. There are different ways digital marketing can help scale your brand awareness, but one strategy that beats them all is influencer marketing. 

About 84% of marketers interviewed indicated that influencer marketing is quite effective. The effectiveness of influencer marketing is perhaps why the popularity has soared with a sizeable number of marketers using it. But how exactly can you scale your brand awareness using influencer marketing by up to 300%? 

What is brand awareness?

Brand awareness is simply an indication of how well your target audience is with your product and services and how well they recollect it. For instance, if you were prompted to name a clothing outfit, which one would be on the top of your mind? Whichever brand pops up first has surely done a great job in its brand awareness campaign. 

Tips for increasing brand awareness with infuencers

Increasing visibility while leveraging on brand influencers can be the smartest marketing decision you and your brand makes. Here are some proven influencer activations that have seen many brands at least triple their sales and reach. 

1. Get the right influencers

With several options out there, finding the right influencer for your marketing campaign can be a bit challenging. The best way to get the right fit for your campaign is by leveraging on reputable influencer marketing platforms with a track record of excellence. Ideally, such a platform should have a friendly user interface while boasting of tools such as analytics and influencer listing.

2. The power of giveaways

You’d be surprised by how much buzz giveaways and contests can generate for your brand. For instance, a proven model in this regard is to create a contest or giveaway and ask people to to share and comment the post. The more the engagement of the post, the more reach it has and the more positive results you get. You will see at least triple the reach and effect when you run such contests and giveaways with influencers. 

3. Send gifts to influencers

A recent strategy being adopted by smal and medium businesses is to send in samples of their products to influencers. These influencers, in turn, use the products, and if they find them useful, they usually give a shout-out on YouTube and their social media handles. Such organic shout-outs from creators has a way of giving your brand an original face and boosting reach and acceptance. 

4. Hand over your handle to an influencer

If you are looking to grow your brand awareness exponentially, you must be willing to go the extra mile. You could partner with an influencer and have them handle your social media for a day and agree with them to promote the takeover on their own social media handles. This way, both the influencer’s and your brands will get reasonable amounty of exposure. 

5. Be consistent

The best performing marketing campaigns are those which are done repeatedly and consistently. Repetition creates a strong impression that is difficult to forget. Ensure that your Influencer campaign is not a one-off thing as you should do everything necessary to dominate the minds of your target audience. Doing this should increase your brand awareness by at least 300%. 

6. Track the growth

One way to attain and sustain growth is to keep record of the growth recorded. Properly documenting the growth trajectory will help you in analysing your performance and observing the loopholes that need to be fixed. It will also help you know areas that need to be improved.

How exactly will brand awareness impact your business?

Every brand out there can derive immense benefits from the right brand awareness campaign. For instance, an emerging brand may seek to enlighten people on what they do while a bigger brand may want to boost market recognition. 

The core aim of brand awareness is to make your target audience know your products, brand name and values. It suffices to say that the main aim of brand awareness is not direct sales and as such, some brands are better placed in this regard than others. 

How to measure the impact of brand awareness on your business

You may be wondering how all of these translates to sales or how to convince your organization's leadership that brand awareness is essential for growth. You should never forget that brand awareness is the starting point of people making decisions to buy. Certainly no one will buy from your business if they have no idea that it exists. 

Also, as far as purchasing decisions are concerned, people are most likely to buy from brands they recognize. Some key metrics to consider include customer reach, true impressions, social media mentions, search volume, and uptick in website traffic. 

What are the types of influencers you can use

The most popular influencers are celebrities, but just about anyone can be an influencer without even knowing it. A person could get influenced into buying a shirt just by seeing another person wearing it and this concept is quite applicable to social marketing. 

However, when scouting for an influencer for your brand, you should be conscious about getting one that will help you meet your projected KPI. There are different types of infuencers out there and they can be narrowed down to the following.

▶ Nano influencers

This category of infuencers have followers between 1 and 10,000 and have a high level of engagement with their community. Working with this category of influencers is cost-effective and gives great returns on investment.

▶ Micro influencers 

Micro-influencers boast of followers between 10,000 and 200,000 which means they are very engaged and relatable with their audience. This category of influencers usually have a niche they are focused on which means they will help you achieve targetted results. 

▶ Macro influencers

Macro influencers usually have as many as a million followers and they are often well-known. Such influencers have a wider reach but the biggest drawback with them is that they don’t always have personal engagement with their audience. 

▶ Mega influencers

Mega influencers are the regular celebrities who have large following on social media and will easily create a broad awareness for your brand. One thing you should note about such people is that they often require a large budget.

▶ False influencers

These are the types of infuencers you should be careful dealing with because of their negative antecedents. More often than not, such influencers will purchase engagements and followers and will do anything inorganic to generate and sustain followership.

How to choose the right influencer marketing platform

Hardcore traditional marketing fanatics are often quite reluctant to try out the services of influencer marketers. While you are not compelled to switch to influencer marketers, you do need their services if you want to see outstanding results. Influencer marketing platforms like Vling can help save you time and effort while boosting your reach by at least 300 percent.

Searching for influencers on your own can be challenging, and this is why influencer marketing platforms exist to make life easier for you. However, with different platforms out there offering this service, how can you choose the right one?

▶ User friendliness

An ideal influencer marketing platform ought to have feature such as influencer networks, influencer analytics, influencer database and the likes. Ensure that such a platform is easy to use and you don’t have to search for hours to find certain features.

▶ Comprehensive database

A good platform should give you access to influencers that meet your specific needs. You should lookout for a platform that boasts of a broad database as well as influencer network and influencer analytics. Ensure that the data provided is worthy and genuine as you don’t want to deal with influencers with fake followers.

▶ Cost implication

Before you engage the services of an influencer marketing platform, do well to confirm its cost structure. Such a platform should be worth your investment. Also, have a budget in mind and only use infuencers that fit your needs and budget.

▶ Campaign reports

Without an analytics report, it will be difficult measuring the campaign performance of the platform. It doesn’t matter if it is a YouTube marketing campaign or an Instagram Influencer marketing campaign, a good platform should have a reliable analytics feature.

▶ List creation feature

A good platform should help you create your desired list of influencers based on your tailored specifications. Considerations such as audience demographics, and niche should be factored in. 

Take a step today!

Growth in your business is possible with the right marketing strategy. It has been proven with many brands out there which have worked with Vlingthat achieving a 300 percent growth in brand awareness is possible. However, achieving such level of awareness requires the right strategies and expertise.