5 Email Marketing Best Practices To Try In 2022

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5 Email Marketing Best Practices To Try In 2022

Email marketing best practices to try in 2022 can reinvigorate an essential contact strategy.



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Email marketing best practices to try in 2022 can reinvigorate an essential contact strategy. When everyone is wrapped up in social media marketing it’s easy to forget the basics that fueled the online experience. The first was the ability to reach and interact with potential clients almost instantly and constantly.

As we enter the age of AI and VR enhanced online experiences, it might be time to dust off the go-to strategy of email contact. There is no doubt that email marketing went overboard with companies and organizations flooding inboxes with offers, tips, tricks, and outright nonsense. This of course produced an automatic folder called “spam”.

To avoid the spam box and follow laws, most reputable companies, organizations, and service providers embraced the opt-in model. Email services looking to capture market share introduced more bells and whistles. This included algorithms that decided for the user what was spam and sent it into the abyss. Opt-in emails often ended up there, the ones that didn’t receive a quick delete from the user sending it to the neverland of trashed emails.

Filtering Out the Filters

The unsolicited email still exists. Companies glean email addresses from visitors by offering discounts before even getting to the actual web page. It is a way to collect opt-in subscribers who really didn’t opt-in. For those who are really sending opt-in emails to clients and potential customers, it has become imperative to warn the recipients upon sign-up to check their spam box.

In order to avoid the catchall spam algorithms, double checks and balances are being used by savvy email marketers who send instant emails. Once send before the user can leave, it tells the visitor that an email has been sent, please check that it didn’t go to spam.

One of the best ways to outfox the spam filter is to use this approach by sending a discount code or other incentive at once. Sophisticated email programs which are poised to become intelligent thanks to AI offer an array of programmable options for marketers. It is important to avoid what started the filtering to begin with, sending spam.

No one wants to open their email box and find a handful of emails a day or even a week pitching the same thing.

Email Today

The first one will not even be numbered as the number one best practice because it is beyond a best practice, it is essential, only send emails to those who gave their express permission. This is no longer the wild west of email marketing with a keep shooting till something hits approach.

Email should be welcomed messages which the recipient has willfully and purposely agreed to receive. Don’t force a recipient to opt-out, give them the choice to opt-in. In the wild west days of email marketing where any and every trick was acceptable, the response rate was negligible. This led to the bombardment style with email marketers thinking if the response rate is only .9 %, the more sent the more responses there will be. This led to more algorithms to protect inboxes from being filled with digital junk mail.

A good ad campaign managershould integrate the email with the total identity of the brand including embedded videos. Today email marketers accept the fact that cold emails will still be opened less than 1% of the time. The difference today is that by using best practices email engagement with opt-in recipients marketing experts are aiming for and achieving 12 to 25 % open rates. This can be achieved with ad Campaign Managers who build the Brand using best email practices.

The 5 Best Email Practices

Be sure that a hired Campaign Partner understands that your email goals are to engage, not turn off the recipients. Use commonsense approaches in sending emails by:

 Send an Instant Welcome Message when a user opts in. Spell out what they will be receiving, i.e. DIY Videos, Tips, Discounts, First Views of New Offerings, or anything that appeals as a plus to opting-in. Daily emails should be necessary, not just to send one a day. For example, a company that advises in crypto investments can send hot tips and topics of the day.

▶ Send It to Your Inbox Firstto view the presentation that will be received. When sending a video, be sure it is an embedded video that the user can just click to play, not a link that will send them to another site before watching. Sending it to yourself will show you exactly what you or your campaign marketing manager is sending out. Check it for bad links, typos, and poor grammar.

 Include A Signature.An anonymous email conveys to the recipient that it is junk mail.

 Check that the Coding is Correct.Verify with the IT department that the email is coded to display properly on all devices, most especially mobile enhanced. Most emails will be opened by mobile users, if it is only coded for desktop and laptop users, say goodbye to a good conversion rate.

 Use an Enticing Subject Line.Bland same subject lines in every email are a sure way to have it quickly deleted.

In this age of streaming and social media which will soon be morphing into a new age of AI and VR, email is still an effective way to have constant contact with those that are interested in or clients of your brand. Use it, don’t abuse it.